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Chhote Kadam

Executed Non-Profit Projects in Rural India

Bhumiputra Architecture, Parinaam Foundation, and Ujjivan Bank;

Team: Alok Shetty (Principal), Adit Poonia, Anas Lateef, Dhanush Gowda, Srisai, Prajwal Amin


Chote Kadam, as an initiative from Ujjivan Small Finance Bank and Parinaam Foundation, introduces small steps that have lasting impacts on the society. It does so by fighting the poor conditions of Indian public infrastructure, which is a manifestation of minimal government investments combined with almost non- existent maintenance.

Chote Kadam has introduced several interventions in different parts of the country that has impacted a large number of people. There have been over 70 projects executed within the last year. As a part of the initiative, projects of different typologies find their home in different cities and rural towns, serving thousands of kids and adults every day.


With an increasing number of projects, the essential exercise is to compile a list of typologies, designs, material palette, and specifications to obtain a manual that would help standardize the designs.

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