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Tracing the Floods

Columbia University GSAPP, Summer Studio’22;

Instructor: Elise Hunchuck and Marco Ferrari;

Team: Ridhi Chopra


As coastal shores grow in population, more people expose themselves to the risks of potential sea-level rise and flooding. These threats are aggravated by the climate crisis which contributes to erratic storms, storm surges, and shoreline erosion. 


Through this research and intervention, we want to revisit the tools used to examine the dramatic change in flooding conditions of Staten Island and use it as a proxy to understand the potency of reclaiming wetlands in other endangered sites across the world.


Staten Island is located in the southernmost part of New York and is called as the lesser-known borough. It has a population of less than 500,000, making it the least populous borough of New york state. Staten Island saw an influx of tourists and urbanisation during the early 90’s when the connectivity of the island improved. In the following years, Due to this rapid development, the island started facing the repercussions of these developments like flooding. To control those, the various departments of NYC have actively taken initiatives to amend these issues.

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