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Raya International School

Executed IB School Project

Bhumiputra Architecture;

Team: Alok Shetty (Principal), Adit Poonia, Anas Lateef, Fazil Irfan, Piyush Kanted 


With only one other IB school in Bangalore, the approach of the clientwas to introduce another IB school with a more experimental learning approach.  Their approach has the ‘Student’ at its core. The student is the harbinger and forerunner of positive change in the society. The approach signifies a student-centered and student led model in planning of the three key enablers:


People, Practices and Place.  

The most important enabler is the ‘People’ of the school, that is, the Leadership and the Teachers.

The ‘Practices’ are the next in importance representing the academic and non-academic practices. The last, but of momentous importance is the ‘Place’ representing the design philosophy, architecture and physical facilities. 


The site is an open space where all activities are  visible to everybody in order to facilitate communication and inspire each other. The spaces are divided into zones with the major focus on blocks catering to students. These blocks are organized around a central staircase and atrium, the boomerang-shaped floor plates spin and shift like a camera shutter to create distinct learning zones

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