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Shree Jagannatha Mandira Parikrama

Executed Temple Redevelopment Project;

Bhumiputra Architecture; Team: Alok Shetty (Principal), Adit Poonia, Akhila Kosiraju, Prajwal Amin


Picking clues from the original temple structure, the design adapts to a modern context while respecting its roots. The Master Plan envisions this zone as a heritage corridor with add-on proposals like Library and Visitor Centre, shelter pavilions, botanical parks, connecting bridges, etc. which shall anchor the transformation of this place into a fully pedestrianized stretch. Being developed at an estimated investment of around ₹800 crore, the project will help create an unobstructed 75-meter corridor around the Meghanada Pacheri (outer wall of Shree Jagannatha Temple).

The seven-meter green buffer zone consists of a five-meter terraced landscape, ten meter ceremonial procession, a 14-meter landscape zone comprising a garden that would have local varieties of trees and shrubs used in Jagannatha culture and, an eight-meter outer circumambulation path would be covered by trees on either side. Additionally, a queue management facility with a capacity of 6,000 people, along with a security checking facility has been proposed. 

This project is part of Odisha Government’s ₹3,200-crore Augmentation of Basic Amenities and Development of Heritage and Architecture Scheme, which was launched to develop Puri as a ‘World Class Heritage City’.

Patachitra Masterplan
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